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Rolonda was very helpful and walked us through the entire process of the loan. We were first timers and couldn't get a regular loan, so she helped us out tremendously! Every question was answered without issues...even if I asked the same question twice. I will be reaching out to Premier Lending Solutions again for the next deal.

J.T. Hargrove, Brooklyn, NY

I can't overstate the great experience I enjoyed with closing my loan with Premier Lending Solutions. They are solid professionals from the beginning through to the close, and beyond. The process was so easy. I’m very happy we met. Thank you!

Sari Patel, Riverside, CA

I just closed my first loan with Premier Lending Solutions and I am very happy. They took the time to explain the process & even educated me on some things in the real estate industry that I had NO idea about. This process was very helpful & I’m looking for my next deal.

Sarah Phillips, Houston, TX

I read online reviews and sometimes wonder if they are real. I am a real customer and just closed with Premier Lending Solutions. Several lenders had initially turned me down, but Premier Lending Solutions found a creative way to package my deal. They took their time, listened and worked it out. I got a great deal and a plan for the future. I am very pleased!

Derwin Haskins, Stanford, CT

Great experience! First loan closed and now I have two others in the pipeline. Smooth and easy process...Thank You! I will definitely do business with Premier Lending Solutions again in the future!

Brad Bridges, Chicago, IL